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Race, Culture & Politics: Why Hair Matters—I’m Featured on John Scalzi’s ‘The Big Idea’

Posted on: May 11, 2017

I’m was so happy this morning that I probably started running around in circles, like this pug:


Because today I’m featured on John Scalzi’s blog in his ‘Big Idea’ section. He selects science fiction writers, with new books, to write about the ‘big idea’ that is connected to their work.

I get deep talking about why hair matters, racial legacies, questionable beauty practices, what it meant to grow up being told I had “good hair” and how those themes inspired my new novella, Reenu-You.

It was an honor to be chosen for ‘The Big Idea’. I loved having a chance to share my passion discussing the intersection between hair and culture with his audience.

Read the essay here and feel free to leave a comment on his site!


2 Responses to "Race, Culture & Politics: Why Hair Matters—I’m Featured on John Scalzi’s ‘The Big Idea’"

Read your post on John Scalzi’s The Bog Idea. Sounds fascinating. I never thought about the ‘afro’ hair that way – that it is a cultural thing, so important to identity. Full disclosure: I’m a red-head, but my hair was very thick and curly, when I was younger. Many people said I had ‘afro’ hair, just the wrong color, but I always wanted straight and shiny and blonde, like you said. Funny how the cultural staples twist our own preconceptions about ourselves.
Congratulations on the release of this novella.

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