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Hi there!

I’m sending a special invitation to readers of my blog. I want to empower you to take action on your writing dreams in 2017.

During the year, I’ve heard from many of you about the challenges of maintaining a writing life.

How has your writing life been this year?

Are you feeling disconnected from your Writing Self? That’s the part of us that creates the magic, believes in us and gives us courage to face the page.

Do you walk around frustrated knowing you have writing gifts to share but don’t know how to begin or keep going?

What I learned this year is that when we are deeply connected to our Writing Self, we can live our highest vision as a writer. And, we can rock it! I’ve been doing a daily affirmation practice for the past 355+ days and it has changed my life in.  My writing productivity has exploded and my inner critics have disappeared.

I am hosting the Affirm the Writer in You: 5 Ways to Connect to Your Writing Self for 2017 webinar and I’m inviting you.

It’s free and I’ll share a process to connect to your Writing Self and set yourself up for success in 2017. During the webinar you’ll find out:

·How to deepen a connection with your Writing Self
·How to supercharge your productivity and sustain your momentum
·How to get unstuck and approach the page with more ease
·How to deal with challenges of time, energy, self-worth

Go here to save your seat for this live training! I’ll be offering some special bonuses to those on the call.

Get the support and tools you need to take your writing life to the next level!


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