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I only met Ashley Memory last year, but it feels like we’ve known each other a long time. We’re colleagues at UNC-Chapel Hill and we’ve taken writing classes together. Late last fall, one of the members of my writing group had the good sense to invite Ashley to join us. I’m so glad she accepted as we’ve greatly benefited from her presence, her deep and complex understanding of literature and lovely wit. We also laugh a lot more than we did before! I’m happy to welcome Ashley to my ongoing celebration of National Poetry Month.


Ashley Memory

In the Name of Friendship

There once was a writer who preferred to write prose
The idea of poetry made her wrinkle her nose
She didn’t know if the toil would be worth the cost
Could she ever compare with Byron or Frost?

She hemmed and she hawed and procrastinated
(At work these tasks were quickly delegated!)
For the sake of friendship she cast her doubts aside
And put pen to paper and swallowed her pride

To her great amazement, the words flowed easily
And formed a little ditty that rhymed quite breezily
Would she do it again? Whoever can tell?
For now it would be a gift for Michele.

Author Reflection: Ashley Memory is clearly no poet but she had fun pretending to be one. The inspiration for this amateurish effort is one of her favorite belle-des-lettres, Michele Berger, who gently but firmly reminds us all to make time for creativity.

Ashley Memory is the author of Naked and Hungry, a darkly humorous suspense novel released in November 2011 by Ingalls Publishing Group.

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Want more Ashley? Of course you do! See my interview with her where we discuss crime and crepes.

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