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Prosperity cannot be forced with will power. It must be coaxed with imagination. Dr. Ruth Ross, The Prospering Woman

How is your sense of abundance and prosperity doing mid-year? How happy are you with your finances? Are the things you are saying to yourself about money this year different than last year? Financial coach and friend Monique Edmonds offers guidance about how to construct the basic building blocks for financial success.

Seed, Time, Time, Time…then Harvest

As a financial coach, I have such pride and joy in seeing my clients prosper and enjoy the fruits of their labor. My clients succeed financially for many reasons, but mainly because of their willpower to succeed, their willingness to stick to their plan despite obstacles and also by consistently meeting with me as their accountability partner and expert with their financial matters.

In my line of work, you can imagine the number of people I speak with during one week or even a year for that matter. And despite the many people of various backgrounds that I speak with, the financial frustrations are the same–“Monique, I’ve created my plan but it’s not working”; “Monique, I can’t seem to make ends meet”; “Monique, every time I pay one thing off something else comes up”. To me, these comments confirm that money is not only universal but the issues that come with it are too. Also, it confirms to me that the way to conquer your financial issues is based primarily on the willpower (mindset) of the individual. This is where seed, time and harvest start the process.

Seed, time and harvest is familiar by most, including myself, in the spiritual realm. And by using this concept in your financial matters, you can reap great rewards. You see, seed can be viewed in this process as the effort (you planted) towards achieving your financial goals (deciding your goals, creating your plan, meeting with your financial coach). It’s where you:

(S)ubmit to the process of achieving your financial goals

(E)ducate yourself financially

(E)ngage yourself throughout the process as to stay in tune with your finances

(D)ecide to never go back into bad debt ever again

Next is the time factor. And I must warn you. This is the area where most people lose ground because we’re a culture of people that want to see instant results. But it’s with this process that patience truly is a virtue. This area is where you will stay the longest, and yes, it’s boring, BUT it’s where you begin to see the results of the work that you’ve planted. Next, is your harvest! You begin to see your balances decrease and then the bill is paid off. Yes! You begin to see your credit report errors go away while your credit score increases. Oh yeah!! And did I mention that you also get to watch your savings and investment accounts grow and begin seeing your goals realized? Nice job!!

So, remember. Plant your S.E.E.D and begin your process toward financial freedom. In time, time, time… guess what? You too, shall prosper!


Monique Edmonds is a financial coach who transforms your life… financially! She resides in Washington, DC and works with clients throughout the country. Visit her on the web at

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