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I’ve heard from many folk that you really enjoyed my last post on prompts for Winter Solstice. I thought I’d share another source of inspiration to support the creative journey this winter.

I have included is a link to ‘Wake Up Your Magic’ coach Susan Guild’s ‘Tele-Share’ where she invited myself and writer Wendy Fedan to talk about how to deepen and grow one’s creativity practice. We called it a Creativity Bash! We recorded this episode a few winters ago and covered the following topics:

-Discover how to take your creativity to the next level

-Learn your creative cycles

-Understand what “following the energy” means to take action on your creative projects i.e., following “the Divine breadcrumbs”

-Uncover your mood blockers

-Pay attention to your body’s physical and reactions to pain and strain

-Live following the nudges to your creative dreams

This call was fun and magical.  Enjoy!



Affirmations-366Days#100: I always reach for bigger and more daring writing dreams.

For new readers, here’s why I’m committing to writing affirmations, about the creative process, during the next 366 days.

Here are questions to play with as you reflect on the last ten years of your creative impulses:

1)How has your definition of creativity changed over the last ten years?

2)What has been your practice of creativity over the last ten years? Is there anything in your current creativity practice that needs modification, reduction or expansion?

3)What creative project of yours has literally ‘taken your breath’ away during the last ten years? (Hint: If nothing juicy comes up, then you have the opportunity to make a new roadmap for 2010!)

4)Over the last ten years, whose creative path has been most influential on your own?

5)Whose creative work (besides your own) have you been devoted to?

6)How has your relationship with sources of inspiration evolved over the past decade?

7)What creative projects and endeavors did you complete over the last ten years?

8)What new creative projects are on the horizon for you in 2010?

9)Who has been supportive of your creative dreams over the last decade?

10)If you were to die on Dec 31, 2010, what is one creative project you would like to have completed by then?

Happy contemplating!

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