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Chart Your Path to Publication NOW-E-Course

Chart Your Path to Publication NOW e-course


My e-course ‘Chart Your Path to Publication NOW’ provides you a roadmap to expertly and joyously navigate your way through the ever-changing and volatile landscape of publishing.

This course will teach you strategies to beat the odds of rejection. You’ll learn how to select markets for your work, track submissions, and find great resources.

If you come to the end of every year wondering why you aren’t more widely published, this is the course for you!

Let me support you to get published and experience confidence every step of the way.

Chart Your Path also covers the role of author mindset as vital to publishing success. There is no one path to publication, but we can follow and replicate the strategies of accomplished writers.

You’ll create an action plan with concrete steps toward publication (or, if already published with a plan about how to become more widely so).

Each class is crammed with information, exercises, tips and guidance.
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Here’s a brief overview:

Lesson 1: Cultivating a Great Submission Strategy

Most writers delay doing the one thing that concretely helps move them toward their goal of publication—submitting their work consistently.

Sometimes writers delay because they find the process of submission difficult, confusing and intimidating. They have trouble finding time to submit their work, finding venues for their work, and keeping track of submissions. They also don’t know how to build relationships with editors.

Sound familiar? Is this you?

In Lesson 1, you’ll discover how to:

-Connect with Your Writer Self

-Get Your Work Ready to Submit Work for Publication

-Identify the Hidden Benefits of Submitting Your Work

-How to Write a Query Letter and What Should Be In Them

-How to Create a Rocking Bio and Why You Need One

-How to Submit Your Work to Print and Online Markets.

-How to Submit Your Work to Agents and Publishing Houses

-Where to Submit Your Work

-How to Find GREAT Markets for Your Work

-How to Track Your Submissions (and Why You Need To)

Lesson 2: Author Mindset

We’ll explore the role of author mindset as vital to publishing success. How does a writer keep on the path to publication? We’ll spend time exploring new ways to combat what stops us from writing including: procrastination, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and feeling overwhelmed with creative ideas.

-How Much Should You Submit?

-How to Find Your Writing Groove

-Tips for Writing Better and Faster (And Why That’s Not an Oxymoron)

-Facing and Overcoming Rejection

-Facing and Overcoming Resistance


Writers of every level, genre, and background welcome.

Make 2019 the year that you take your writing to the next level!

Closed Facebook Group

You’ll have access to a closed Facebook group where you can pose questions between Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 and get support.

This investment is only $97. Value over $500!

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Experience the power of busting through your own self-imposed limiting beliefs about your writing life.

Imagine what your days can be like when you possess the necessary tools and skills to move your writing forward. Imagine what it will be like to learn new strategies and techniques to deal with the issues of procrastination, perfectionism, fear and anxiety that keep you from moving forward on writing projects. Imagine what it will feel like to find your voice and cultivate an audience of readers.

You get to decide: Imagine better writing results in 2019

Pay via Paypal or with a major credit card.

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