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Posted on: January 26, 2016

Affirmations-366Days#25: Every time I sit down to write, I imagine an ideal reader waiting for my words.

For new readers, here’s why I’m committing to writing affirmations, about the creative process, during the next 366 days.


It was relatively late in my writing career that I learned about the notion of an ‘ideal reader’. An ideal reader is someone who really gets your aesthetic sensibility. I enjoy imagining my ideal reader leaning forward, nodding along and enjoying my prose. The ideal reader is also the person that you’re hoping will feel transformed by your work. Taking the time to imagine the characteristics that might make up your ideal reader is fun. Would they need to have read a lot of Faulkner or Toni Cade Bambara to get some of your more elusive references? Would growing up in West Virginia be important? Do they need to like puns? Do they need to have an uncle who gardened? Do they love epic adventure stories?

Who is your ideal reader?


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