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Wake Up Your Magic’s Creative Genius of the Week!

Posted on: November 28, 2015

Happy post-Thanksgiving!

I am delighted and honored to have been chosen as the ‘Creative Genius of the Week’ by creativity coach and author Susan C. Guild. I met ‘Suz’ two years ago through a life-changing online writing program called ‘Write it Now’ (WINS), hosted by the brilliant Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy aka ‘SARK’. Every time I read something by Suz or heard her speak on the class calls, I was inspired and felt that I had met a kindred spirit. We share a similar approach to exploring creativity as a path to self-discovery. Suz is an author, entrepreneur and creator of ‘Wake Up Your Magic’. Through WUYM, she hosts an amazing monthly teleshare where she interviews creative professionals, hosts workshops and offers products and services focused on connecting people to their creativity. I love Suz’s fun approach to life and living her purpose through teaching the transformative power of creative practices. And, I am very appreciative that she has been a great believer in my work.

Suz is featuring some of my best and juiciest blog posts as part of the ‘Creative Genius of the Week’ series on her Wake Up Your Magic Facebook page (see Nov 23 onward). Also explore her Wake Up Your Magic website.



2 Responses to "Wake Up Your Magic’s Creative Genius of the Week!"

Congratulations, Michele. You deserve the honor, and for more than one week.

Aww, thank you so much, Cathy! That is very kind!

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