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Go for the Wow in Your Vision-Part 2

Posted on: February 3, 2014

Last week, I wrote about beginning a powerful process to create a vision board. Below is Part 2:

Vision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.If you followed previous steps, you now have roughly ten categories (i.e. health and body, finances, relationships, home, work, creative expression, travel/adventure, spiritual, possessions and special intention) that reflect what you desire.

Now, I’d like you to rank those categories from 1-10 and then choose the top 3 categories that you’d like your vision board to reflect. Why 3? Three is a manageable number when working on goals. Too many goals can dilute your focus.

Once you have your top 3 categories, you’re going to do some more writing. For each category write, ‘I intend, I choose, I have’. For example, if one of my categories is ‘possessions’ and I’d like a new car, I might write:  ‘I intend to have a new car. I choose to save money every month for my new car. I have my new car by December 2014’. Your statements can be as long or as elaborate as you like. Writing these statements provides an anchor in your subconscious that will be reinforced with the images.

Are you ready to create your vision board? I hope so!

Gather any of the following: calendars, handmade specialty papers, magazines, catalogs, photographs, art supplies, beads, feathers, magic markers, fabric, glue sticks, and poster board.

Set aside time to look through your supplies: You want to gather (or draw) images that relate to your top 3 categories. Even if you think an image doesn’t logically relate to your categories, if it moves you—include it.

Organize your pile: There is no one way to make a ‘vision board’. Once you gather everything, it’s about inviting your Creative Self to enjoy patterns, shapes, and colors. Arrange the materials in a way that makes you happy and gets at the essence of what your categories represent to you.

Create a 40 Day Practice: To seal the deal, I recommend that you create a 40 day practice connected to your vision board. It can mean that you look at it daily and imagine how you will feel if you received what you wanted. It can mean that you write daily affirmations or positive statements about your desires. It can mean that you take daily action for 40 days related to one of your goals. Forty days is considered a powerful number for breaking habits and is a sacred number in many spiritual traditions. Whatever you do for 40 days, as part of your visioning process, will yield tremendous results.

Let me know how it is going!

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