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Want to Learn How to Crack Your Creativity Code?

Posted on: October 21, 2013

Last Sunday, I hosted a teleseminar called ‘Crack Your Creativity Code: 7 Ways to Unlock Your Genius’. I introduced listeners to my new work on how creativity metaphorically functions as a type of code and how we might go about ‘unlocking’ or ‘breaking’ that code in order to experience more of our genius.


The response was fantastic. Callers engaged and offered powerful insights as they began to understand the ‘code and key’ structure of creativity I shared.

I began the call exploring some popular myths about creativity (e.g. you have to be in the mood to create) and the reasons why many people don’t create more (e.g. ‘I just can’t make the time’). I offered some  tips about how to work around inner critics, and the twin demons of perfectionism and procrastination.

Using the following prompts, I asked them to begin connecting with their ‘Creative Self’, an eternal part of the psyche:

1)   When I reflect on the current relationship I have with my Creative Self, I’d use the words:

2)   When I was a child, my creativity showed up as:

3)   I might describe my relationship with my Creative Self, over the years, as:
On Fire? Dormant? Under acknowledged? Undernourished? A good solid friendship? Difficult to keep up with? Wild and unpredictable? Just Right? Passionate? Reliable?

4)   In the next three months, I’d most like my Creative Self to help me with the following…

From there I shared a process to explore how their Creative Self  is currently being expressed through one of 5 ‘Creative Code Expressions’. Creative Code Expressions are personalities that are archetypal in nature. They discovered if they were expressing their Creative Selves as Ranters, Lovers, Seekers, Players or Withholders. I then talked about the 7 Universal Keys that we need to use in order decode our creativity.

Intrigued? Weren’t on the call? I missed you! You can access the call here.

Toward the end of the call I gave information about my powerful upcoming program ‘Tone Your Creative Core’. This program will provide you access to life-changing tools that will help in the areas that most creative people struggle in: time, abundance and prosperity, feeling worthy to create and goal-setting.

You can find out even more details about the ‘Tone Your Creativity Core’ here. This offer expires soon so don’t miss out!

If you have any questions about if this program is right for you, don’t hesitate to email me at


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