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Cracking Your Creativity Code: An Invitation

Posted on: October 7, 2013

Ever feel like connecting with your creativity is elusive? That you’re not “good enough” to create? That someone else in your family is really the creative one? If you were ever creative, was it a long time ago?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll love being on my upcoming teleseminar call ‘Crack Your Creativity Code: 7 Ways to Unlock Your Genius’ because I’ve got some answers for you! The call is on Sunday, Oct 13 at 3pm EST.

What’s the secret of creativity? How do we unlock it?

‘Crack Your Creativity Code’ offers a novel approach designed to help people understand why creativity often eludes, or frustrates them, and what they can do about it. I’m so thrilled to share this information.


I’ll be taking the listeners on a journey, sharing with them why creativity operates like a code and seven ways to unlock their code. Imagining creativity as a code wakes up our ‘inner kid’ (who once experienced creativity as effortless), and who loves to explore, decode and solve puzzles.

This approach offers a structured pathway to experience breakthrough creativity that can be applied to all areas of life.

On the call we’ll spark some new ways to think about your relationship with your creativity. What relationship style applies to how you treat your creative self?  Are you a speed dater? Wooer? Player? Adorer? Withholder? Do you periodically ignore or neglect your creative self?

I’m a creativity coach, scholar and published creative writer.  Throughout my decade-long coaching career working with artists and policymakers, I’ve seen how my concepts inspire change. I also saved my own life through creativity while pursuing a PhD in political science and know I can teach anyone to harness their creativity ‘smackdab’ in the middle of their busy life.

Creativity is our best renewable resource and my deepest desire is sharing a message that conveys that creativity is life-enhancing and can be ‘unlocked’ with joy and ease.

I invite you to join me and see what ‘cracking your creativity code’ can do for you. Register here.

Plus when you register you’ll receive my free guide ‘Ten Ways to Ignite Your Creativity Fast!’


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