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‘Jump-start Your June’ Series: Expressing Your Creative Nature-Guest Post

Posted on: June 29, 2013

My wonderful guest bloggers have done an excellent job of providing tips and inspiration for how to turn on, electrify and ‘jump-start your June’. I end the series with the theme of creativity. There are so many ways to understand the role and meaning of creativity in human culture. The idea of creativity as an expression of and connected to spirituality is an idea that Julia Cameron (author of The Artist’s Way) as well as many others have championed. In my own coaching practice, I draw on the two wisdom traditions of science and spirituality to explore creativity. Below, inspiring teacher and guide Joan M. Newcomb explores creativity as part of our reason for being and how it connects us to the universe at large.


Creativity & Spirituality

Your creativity is your spiritual language. Whether it is dance, music, painting, acting, needlework, or cooking, it is the greater aspect of yourself, the Divine You, expressing yourself into the world. It is a language beyond words (unless your creativity *is* words).

Your Essence needs to communicate. Static energy held within for two years will manifest as a physical ailment. Years ago, I developed a softball sized fibroid on my uterus. It  was my body’s not-so-subtle way of telling me my creative energy was blocked. I avoided a hysterectomy through natural solutions. Part of my healing without surgery was to start writing again.

Our creativity gets stifled externally and internally. Parents will dissuade their college student from majoring in art and encourage business or economics. We don’t dance for fear of being teased. We don’t think of ourselves as creative.  How do we awaken our spiritual voice?

1.  Do it imperfectly. You don’t have to make a living as an artist, you don’t even have to show your work.

2.  Be childlike and playful. Don’t know what your expression is?  Think what made you gleeful as a child – we are born creative.

3.  Do it alone, or with a group.  You may find it encouraging to join others who ‘speak’ the same language in community theater, local choir, knitting circle, or creative writing class. Or you may want to nurture your creativity by yourself, away from competition or criticism (real or imagined).

4.  You may be ‘multi-lingual’.  You might enjoy playing around with several different artistic pastimes.

Whatever you do, your vibration flows out and joins the Symphony of Consciousness. Energy is unseen and transcends physical boundaries. You enhance the collective energy on the planet, simply by expressing yourself. You’ll be happier, you’ll be healing yourself, and you’ll be contributing to the healing of us all.

Joan M. Newcomb is the owner of Life Transformations Unlimited. It’s her passion to encourage others to be their Essential Selves in all aspects of their lives.  Her blog is ‘Mystic Musings’


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