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Spring Cleaning for Writers-The Second ‘R’-Reorganization

Posted on: June 3, 2013


We just have a few more weeks to go before summer officially arrives. In April I began a series on spring cleaning for your writing life. There are three steps in the process:

1) You reassess your space, your schedule, and patterns of mind to see what is supporting or not supporting your writing life.

2) You reorganize your space, schedule, and patterns of minds to allow you to create with more ease.

3) After reassessing and reorganizing, you rededicate yourself to having a productive and joyful writing life!

If you’ve spent some time reassessing your space, schedule and patterns of mind, in connection to your writing life, then you should be in great shape for the next step which is reorganizing.

Most of us tend to like the status quo, so reorganizing is where we can get stuck very quickly. We actually have to combine intention with action to yield results.

Here are some questions to consider:

1) Is your writing space set up so that everything is easily at hand (pens, treasured writing books, computer)? Can you see your writing surface?

2) Most writers keep inspiration quotes somewhere nearby, either on a corkboard, white board, or piece of paper tacked to the wall. If you have a set of quotes near where you write, do these quotes still carry the same emotional weight  of when you put them up? Do they fit with the writer that you are now versus the writer you were when you put them up?

3) Have you reorganized your writing schedule to better reflect this year’s aspirations? If you need more support for creating a new writing schedule, are you asking for it?

4) David Huddle in his excellent book, The Writing Habit, reminds us that writers have to pay attention to our patterns of mind in how we approach our work:  “You…have to become aware of your inclinations toward laziness, dishonesty, glibness, and other personal foibles.You have to be skillful at outwitting those negative aspects of your character.” He goes on to talk about his tendency to send out a story before it’s really finished as well as procrastinate and to “evade writing that will require my greatest effort.” Spending some time reorganizing (and rethinking) the intersection of your inclinations and your writing life may yield significant insights.


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