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National Poetry Month: Featured Writer-Mary L. Barnard

Posted on: April 20, 2013

Most of the writers participating in my celebration of National Poetry Month do not consider themselves poets. I’ve enjoyed seeing how they approach words from a new angle. Today, however, I am delighted to welcome Mary L. Barnard, someone who has been writing poetry for a long time. In May, she will receive a Certificate in Creative Writing from Central Carolina Community College’s (CCCC) Creative Writing Program. She’s part of the inaugural class.




Mary L. Barnard


with Orange crayon
I printed M-A-R-Y on
the window sill, porcelain tub,
oven door, kitchen sink

all capitals
short fat letters
stub of Crayola
hand-me-downed twice

picked for boldness Orange
spoke for itself without words
parent nor priest nor nun
dared question

its place in nature
sun at daybreak, flow of lava,
Grand Canyon, fish eggs,
eye of owl and fox

I imagine my mother
following me
with damp sponge
and can of Comet

if I had chosen Blue
calm and quiet
would forgiveness
have come easy?

white cloud in Azure sky
minnows silvering Cobalt waves
in Cerulean

June 10, 2012
My brother Bob’s birthday

Author Reflection:  inspired by prompt #6 from Steve Kowit’s book:  Recall something dangerous you did when you were young.

Mary L. Barnard, a Chathamite forever, plans to write poems from her little acre as long as …

Her poem ‘Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant-SW Wake County, NC’ appeared in a recent issue of the Red Clay Review: The Literary & Arts Magazine of CCCC

4 Responses to "National Poetry Month: Featured Writer-Mary L. Barnard"

This is great. I love the imagery and the emotion.


Dear Kelly – thanks! You never know what your own words look and sound like to another – until they tell you!


Mary, thank you for reintroducing me to poetry. This poem of colors and your work in our writing class has been wonderful.


Dear Todd – your sincerity, hard work, openness to critique and sense of humor are all things I value – so glad we met through this class.


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