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National Poetry Month: Featured Writer-Al Capehart

Posted on: April 6, 2013

I’m happy to welcome friend and writing buddy Al Capehart to my National Poetry Month initiative.


Al Capehart

Happy Winter Home

Snow laden grey clouds fill the sky,
Red barn door gone,
Weather boards hang,
Straight ridge line snow covered,
Ragged drip edge eves.

Motley field stone root cellar,
Stands open dark and empty,
Side door broken and askew,
Stout foundation and knee walls,
Under gird decaying derelict.

Trees bare in Winter’s first snow,
Frozen frost clouds their branches,
Still Autumn reds and orange linger,
Waiting for the killing cold
Of a North wind blast.

Single forked timber brace.
Stands in gaping door way,
Last prop-up of the loft floor,
Field mice find a dry and secure
Place for their happy Winter home.


Al Capehart offers this reflection:

Captured by the contrast of the derelict red barn, white snow and orange and red autumn foliage I imagined a use for it.


Scan 3

Florence I Johnson – Winter Barn (watercolor)

Al Capehart is a professional Santa Claus working on a memoir of his Santa work over the past 20 years. He lives in Pittsboro, NC. Visit him at




4 Responses to "National Poetry Month: Featured Writer-Al Capehart"

Great idea Michele. Enjoying the different voices. Quite viviid descriptions, I felt the cold without the image.

Thanks Brenda! This poem came out of the ‘Vision and Voice’ event at a local art gallery where writers were invited to view art pieces and write about them. The writer then got to read the finished piece and the artist was invited to respond.

Thanks for such a beautiful poem, AL.


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