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National Poetry Month

Posted on: April 2, 2013

Dear readers,

April is National Poetry Month and I have asked various writers to help celebrate it with me by providing short poems for this blog. Some writers submitting poems are folks who don’t consider themselves poets while others know the genre well. I want to create a space of play and exploration for poetry.

This focus is inspired by hearing poet Richard Blanco read at the Inauguration and then reading some of his interviews. In one he says: “A poem for me is one big fat question mark that enters my heart, and I have to start figuring out not what the answer is but what the question is.”

In the same interview he goes on to say this about recognizing the breadth of poetry: “I think poetry is a very misunderstood form, at least in this day and age…I would hope people will realize that if they had a bad experience with poetry at some moment, that there are many different kinds of poets writing, many different flavors of poetry. Like I’ve told my students: If you go to the movies and you hate the movie, you don’t say, I hate movies. Somehow people have had a bad experience with a poem and think all poetry is insane. I hope that they take with them that there are very contemporary authors writing about things that are tangible and part of their daily lives in cultural and socio-economic contexts and all sorts of contexts. There’s a poet for almost every walk of life in America.”

Compared to what I know about the prose form, I’m virtually in the dark when it comes to poetry, but I am trying to educate myself!



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