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Paying It Forward: Receiving and Passing on Blogging Awards

Posted on: July 7, 2012
















When I opened my email this week, I saw a wonderful message that said I was nominated for two blogging awards. What a fantastic feeling! I started this blog a few years ago to create a place where I could share insights about how people can practice creativity ‘smackdab’ in the middle of their life. The blog has been a place that I’ve grown as a writer and found a lovely community of other creative folk.

The rules of accepting these awards are as follows:

-Give a shout out to the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog. Thanks Edith O Nuallain! Her fabulous blog is In A Room of My Own. You rock! I hope good karma follows you around like a happy puppy.

I also want to thank the readers and supportive friends, over the years, that encouraged me to keep writing on my blog.

-Tell everyone seven things about yourself (see below)

-Nominate seven bloggers for these awards and let them know they’ve been nominated (see after the seven things about me)

Seven Things about Me

1) My writing life keeps me sane and grounded. I also write, of course, because I am deeply in love with literature. I’m driven to discover if I can create that magical out of body and time sensation for a reader that I feel when reading.

2) I write speculative fiction with a literary sensibility. I’m finishing a second draft of a novel and collection of short stories. I’m also working on a book about my approach to creativity.

3) I am obsessed with pugs and collect many pug themed items including pug cards, pug calendars, and a pug ‘piggy’ bank. I also share a home with Ginger, a silver pug.

4) I started my creativity coaching practice in 2004. It’s called The Creative Tickle® and most people smile when they hear or read the name (I bet you’re smiling now). The idea came to me after I woke up from a dream and it felt perfect. The name exemplifies my approach to creativity– easeful, accessible and joyful.

5) I’ve fantasized about writing under different names. In my 20s I wanted to write under the name Aja Pennybone and in my 30s it was Michele Instar. The word ‘instar’ is used to describe a developmental phase of anthropods. Now, I spend more of my time actually writing (as opposed to daydreaming of fame and fortune), and am proud to use my full name Michele Tracy Berger.

6) As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed quite an aversion to elevators. When traveling, I ask the hotel to accommodate me by putting me on a low floor (sixth floor or below). I spend so much of my time avoiding elevators and roaming stairwells, I think I could write a memoir. You wouldn’t believe what goes on in hotel stairwells!

7) I traveled to India, with my partner Tim, in 2010.

Seven Bloggers You Should Know

I’m attracted to the depth and insight of a writer’s blog. I’m always looking for a complicated imagination as expressed through analysis, insight and good writing. Simply said, I don’t like a lot of fluff. Here are my nominations for seven terrific bloggers. I’m always eager to read what they share.

1) Heidi Moore at Heidiwriting

2) Kelly Hashway at Kelly Hashway

3) Ananda Leeke at Author Ananda Leeke’s Blog

4) Julie Farrar at Julie Farrar, Traveling Through

5) Becky Green Aaronson at The Art of an Improbable Life 

6) Kiersi Burkhart  at The Prolific Novelista

7) Valerie Nieman at Valerie Nieman v 3.o


11 Responses to "Paying It Forward: Receiving and Passing on Blogging Awards"

Thanks so much for passing these on to me. Much appreciated. 🙂 And congrats on getting them too!


You’re welcome Kelly. I’ve actually passed on your blog to some folks in my writing group that seek to get published in the young adult genre. Keep up the great work.


Thank you. I appreciate it. 🙂


Michele, congratulations on your awards, and thanks for passing for passing them along to me. It was fun learning more about you. Aja Pennybone is a great pen name, but I like your real name even better!


Thanks Becky,
yup my assumed pen names were a phase. Maybe I will turn these names into characters!


Thanks for recommending me. I am not able to do the follow up blog due to my writing project. Deeply grateful, Ananda


Hi Ananda,
Thanks for stopping by. I know you are deeply engaged in finishing up your project (which I’ll ask for an interview about when its done). There’s no time limit for the awards, so no worries. Loved seeing your article on your other blog about Alexis Gumbs–glad to know this fearless leader.


Michele, you really deserve these awards!! Every time I get your blog in my email, I stop what I am doing and read it. It’s fantastic. What an honor that you would include me in your peers, and among these wonderful blogs. I’ve just found some new great reads, thanks to you. Thanks again!


Oh Michele you are so very welcome! I love your blog which is why I nominated it!! Keep writing! :-0 xxx


I would totally read a memoir about someone who habitually avoids elevators! Brilliant. Thanks so much for the awards, Michele!


[…] friend, phenomenal writer and blogger, Michele Berger of The Practice of Creativity  was kind enough to nominate me for these awards, and I am so honored to receive such a […]


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