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Rededicating Yourself to Writing This Summer: Spring Cleaning for Your Writing Life, Part 3

Posted on: June 20, 2012

Dedicate v. 1. To set apart for a special use. 2. To commit (oneself) to a course of action. 3. To address or inscribe (e.g., a literary work) to someone.  (Webster’s II New Riverside Dictionary, 2nd ed)

Spring possibilities are about to cede to summer pleasures. I’ve been ruminating on the importance of spring cleaning for your writing life and have covered the first two steps—reassessment and reorganization. The third step is the most powerful one—rededication. To rededicate ourselves to something we deem as special in our lives strengthens and amplifies our commitment.

Weeks ago, I posed a question to writer friends:  What is one thing that you’re doing, giving away, rearranging, reassessing, reorganizing, etc., to support your writing life? Michelle Wotruba, is a ‘day dreaming mommy’, blogger and my online writing buddy. She offered this nugget:

I’m going thru my ‘Magical Maybe’ folder and seeing what is really in there.

The ideas that I’m no longer interested in I’m tossing.

The ideas that I like I’m setting “mini coffee dates” to start on them; if by the end of that date I haven’t done anything but drink my coffee, I’m going to toss those.

I’ve realized some ideas I like but now I’m looking at them in a fresh way. Those are the ideas I’m going to start with; we’re skipping the coffee and going on a “dinner and a movie date.”

I’m always looking for new ideas in my “Magical Maybe” folder; I usually save those for a dessert date but not always.

I just love Michelle’s ‘Magical Maybe’ folder (and wish I had one!). Michelle’s comment suggests that we periodically sort through ideas, concepts, and themes, rededicating ourselves to the ones with the most juice.

Rededicating ourselves to our writing life sends a joyful message to our creative self. Remember, our creative self loves to be wooed. Its language includes ritual, ceremony and demonstrative acts of appreciation.

Here are some areas of my writing life that I’m rededicating myself to this summer:

I rededicate myself to using the most routine occurrences as story generators.

I rededicate myself to cultivating delight in the writing process.

I rededicate myself to finding new ways to dialogue with inner resisters, critics, evaluators, judges and committee members and either work with them as allies or assign them to a different job.

I rededicate to asking ‘what if?’ and then daring myself to come up with an answer!

I rededicate myself to looking at revision as a way to honor my writing by keeping the right words and setting the rest free for another day.

I rededicate myself to asking daily, ‘What wants to come forth in my writing’?

I rededicate myself to becoming educated about the changing nature of publishing.


As you move into summer’s rhythms what areas of your writing life would you like to rededicate yourself to?



18 Responses to "Rededicating Yourself to Writing This Summer: Spring Cleaning for Your Writing Life, Part 3"

Lovely post, Michele. I’m going to paste it to my wall!

Hey Karen,
Thanks! I barely got this in before we’re in full blown summer!

You always leave me thinking and wanting to act. Great series, thanks Michele.

Thanks, Lynne! I so appreciate you taking the time to hang out here. I hope writing is going well.

It may be summer, but my spring cleaning is way lagging. Nonetheless, I am dedicating myself to organizing at least SOME of my notes and half-started story scribbles – hopefully this summer, sometime before the New Year!

Hey Beverly,
Great to see you here. Yes, taking action even in a small way helps to contribute to our well-being as writers.

Thanks for this, Michele! I’ve posted this to my wall too! I’m keeping my notebook by my side more as well, everywhere I go as much as possible. It keeps me dedicated to the process, by making sure I’m in tune with the inspirational moments I grasp and would normally let go and ultimately struggle to remember.

Hey Tonya,
Thanks for sending this post on, that’s so kind. I love your commitment to capturing those flashes of insight. Our creativity is always talking to us, if we listen for it.

Great post, Michelle! Found it in the Blooming Late thread and it sounded like just the thing for my faltering enthusiasm! 🙂

Hey Cheryl,
Thanks for the kind words. I hope that you feel shored up on this good energy for writing for the rest of the week.

Even though I am in essence re-dedicating myself to my writing life, it feels as if I am only beginning and dedicating my life to the Writing Muse! Why? Because for the first time ever I am actually writing at least 1,000 words a day, and often more! Now, there still remains one task…to stick to a genre, to commit to one form……not sure if I can do that!

So inspiring, Michele. I rededicate myself to my writing. I’ve gotten away from the habit and now you’re inspiring me to refocus and re-delight in my work. You are such a wonderful blogger and writer (and a dear heart).

Hey Heidi,
Thank you for this lovely comment. From what I am reading on your blog (which I love), you are writing quite a bit! I hear that you are in NC–I think at some point you, Sharan and I have to meet up…maybe a fall writing retreat!

I think “What if?” is a writer’s best friend. 🙂

Hey Kelly,
Thanks for stopping by. Agreed!

Michele- Love this whole idea of spring cleaning something other than your house. I am especially intrigued by the idea of rededicating myself to my writing. I’ll have to think about this and write my own list. Very inspiring. Thank you:)

Hi there everyone, it’s my first pay a quick visit at this web page, and post is genuinely fruitful designed for me, keep up posting such posts.

Hi Maurine,
Thanks for visiting! I hope that my posts continue to resonate with you–we all need support for decluttering!

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