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Good Things Can Happen When You Open Your Mail

Posted on: November 21, 2011

I’m in a pleasant state of shock to have just learned that my poem “Ode to Shari Belafonte in her Calvin Klein Jeans” placed 2nd in the poetry category for the 2011 Word & Sound International Creative Writing Competitions sponsored by the Albert Anthony Foundation! It also carries a cash award!

As I was reviewing a pile of mail, I spied my self-addressed stamp envelope that I had sent as part of my packet for the contest in June. It was fat which is not always a good thing. Sometimes the envelope back from a contest is fat because they are sending you a list of winners (which you’re probably not on) and promotional material for next year’s contest.
I was thrilled, however, when I did see my name featured among the winners.

My writing teacher, Marjorie Hudson constantly encourages her students to submit our work even in the face of constant rejection–it works!


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