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Winter Solstice’s Encouragment for Creative People

Posted on: December 22, 2009

Is letting go
a process or a price
what am i paying for
not seeing sooner?
learning at the edge?
letting go
of something precious but no longer needed?
(Audre Lorde, unpublished)

I came across this unpublished poem, by Audre Lorde, through the work of my friend Alexis Pauline Gumbs, scholar, poet and activist:

I love Audre Lorde’s work and think this is a gem of a poem and perfect for the season. It is the Winter Solstice, a time of quiet reflection and the intentional letting go of habits, ways of being and things that no longer serve us. Usually a week before the Winter Solstice, I like to do an intense cleaning of my house. I mean going through everything—from what’s been hiding at the back of the refrigerator for months to forgotten boxes piled in the garage. Although it is exhausting (I start usually at 7am and finish around 5), it feels necessary and important because it allows me to actively make peace with my physical space. The outward scrubbing and cleaning also prepares me for doing the mental and emotional work that the season invites, including asking questions: What am I still committed to? What emotional pattern am I now able to let go of at year’s end? Is this (thing, habit, experience) serving me? How have I nurtured my creative energies during this year?

This time of year can bring gifts of spaciousness and reflection if we take the time to be silent and go inward, perhaps foregoing yet another holiday party or fourth glass of champagne. I invite you to curl up with this poem and ask yourself: What is the precious thing or experience in your life that is no longer needed? If you let that go, what will it make space for in the rest of your creative life?
For more on Audre Lorde, including a new book with previously unpublished writings:

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